The Top 3 Business Trends for Manufacturers in 2017

The new year is fast approaching, which means it’s the perfect time to look ahead and start gearing up for 2017. We’re predicting that next year will continue to bring fundamental shifts to manufacturing business operations, thanks to technology. Here are the top three business trends manufacturers should address to improve profits, drive customer retention…

Should You Update Parts Catalog Content? Do the Math!

With over 20,000 registered users, Digabit’s Documoto platform has generated enough data for us to estimate the return on investment (ROI) for various scenarios at manufacturing companies. Here is one common dilemma: While it’s a given to create electronic parts catalogs for new and current models, some of our customers have decades’ worth of older…

Improve Repair and Warranty Services with Documobile

Improve Repair and Warranty Services with Documoto

Do you manufacture and sell heavy machinery or equipment in the global marketplace? If you do, you need a reliable network of service providers to keep your machines running and customers happy. And whether you rely on 3rd-party providers or an internal service organization, it’s hard to deliver efficient and consistent service to exotic, far-flung locales. Different…

Digabit Web Services

What Are Web Services and APIs, and Why Do I Care?

Web services and APIs are important concepts in cloud computing. They enable information exchange between different software systems, which is necessary to accomplish the integration of customer ERPs, EAMs and other enterprise applications with Digabit’s Documoto software. One of the main benefits of integration is to provide real-time updates and synchronize data between the Documoto…


Improve eCommerce Workflow with Documoto APIs

Digabit recently developed and released several eCommerce APIs to empower Documoto users to lead their own integration efforts. In order to achieve the greatest efficiency gains in business processes related to aftermarket sales, data stored in Documoto’s database must be accessible to other enterprise systems like ERP, CRM, custom-built eCommerce systems, and the like. Digabit’s…

Webinar - eCommerce Trends and What's Ahead in 2016

[Webinar] eCommerce Trends and What’s Ahead in 2016

Duration: 30 minutes Presenter: Alan Sage, CEO, Digabit, Inc. Date: Wednesday, January 13, 2016 Time: 1:00pm MDT (3:00pm EDT) Online sales have caused a major disruption in the retail marketplace over the past decade. Is the same thing poised to occur for large manufacturers? Separate the hype from reality by attending Digabit’s January webinar. Alan…


ContentNow Assessments

Digabit’s Documoto software gets most of the marketing love around here, because it’s an amazing product and we like to toot its horn! However, from time to time we need to give a shout to our Professional Services team and highlight the work they do to make sure customers are up and running from day…

Webinar - 10 Ways to Modernize Your Parts Catalogs - November 2015

[Webinar] 10 Ways to Modernize Your Parts Catalogs

Move your after-sale parts catalogs into the modern era with this collection of tips and tactics from Digabit Director of Technical Solutions, Kevin Mackay and Customer Success Manager, Rich Ackerman. While many companies have already transitioned from paper documents to some type of electronic delivery for their parts catalogs, many still use outmoded processes to…

webinar on increasing profits through technical publishing improvements

[Webinar] From Chaos to Profits: Breaking Down Silos with Documoto

For most manufacturers of complex machinery and heavy equipment, technical publishing is still a highly disjointed, labor-intensive process. Different functional areas use different tools to create files, generating incompatible formats and static, inflexible documentation. But it’s not just the publishing process that is inefficient. Duplication of efforts and time wasted searching for documents trickles all…

Join us for our August webinar on new technology

[Webinar] A Roadmap to the Future: Documoto by Digabit

What’s the hardest part of a product’s lifecycle for a manufacturer to control? That’s right: After-sales service, with a potentially global network of dealers, consumers and support staff. All with different requirements for the vital information they need to get the job done. The world of manufacturing and technical publishing is changing. It’s not just…

Improving Supply Chain Operations with Integrated Technologies

Not only is technology shaping the narrative of future manufacturing performance, but it’s also enhancing productivity throughout the supply chain. From OEMs to warehouses to transportation networks, the logistics of creating, moving and selling heavy machinery and industry-specific parts is a matter of fine-tuning and narrowing the focus of the supply chain for maximum effect.…

small segment of full customer success segment

Customer Success Stories with Documoto [Infographic]

Migrating from one software system to another can be daunting, especially when you aren’t sure the switch will drive the results you’re looking for. We recently checked in with seven of our customers to see what efficiency gains with creating and maintaining parts catalogs, growing adoption rates, and parts order increases they’ve achieved since making…

Cloud Technology Button on Keyboard

What Manufacturers Need to Know About Cloud Technologies

Equipment manufacturers working to navigate the rapidly changing business landscape in today’s economy may be hard pressed to find the time and resources to launch new applications, roll out new products or implement new technologies while simultaneously keeping up with competitors and internal deadlines. However, the adoption of cloud computing can help manufacturers manage these…

Image of a drill - the secret behind customer-centric service approach

The Secret to Helping Customers with After Sales Service

In an effort to increase customer satisfaction, differentiate from the competition, and achieve higher margins, the vast majority of OEMs have integrated some level of after sales service into their business model. For the most part, these forays into the service business go no further than spare parts supply for faster dealer repairs. While spare…

Productive tech writer typing rapidly on keyboard

5 Productivity Tricks to Shortcut the Parts-Publishing Process

While improving productivity on the manufacturing floor is often an OEM’s primary goal, many manufacturers are bringing that same scrutiny to their “upstairs factory” according to Industry Week. As product lead times shrink, there’s more and more pressure for tech pub departments to rapidly churn out comprehensive technical documentation that’s both accurate and up-to-date. So…

OEMs are worried about changing government regulations

3 Things OEMs Are Worried About in 2015

Thanks to new developments in technology and major supply chain shifts, the manufacturing sector is changing at a rapid pace. In the past year, manufacturing production has increased faster than real GDP growth for the first time in over a decade, and, according to the Institute of Supply Management, revenues are expected to increase across…

parts books that help dealers

5 Tips to Make Your Parts Catalogs More User Friendly

Here are five simple tips to improve your parts catalogs’ usability, so that dealers can get the most value from your publishing efforts: 1. Tweak Part Descriptions The part descriptions provided by engineering aren’t always readily understandable or helpful to dealers. Editing these during the publishing process can save time and money in the long…

Add to Cart keyboard

Overcoming the Content Challenge to Drive E-Commerce

Over this past year I have noticed several manufacturers beginning projects around e-commerce. I recently came across the article “The Content Challenge” by Anna Wells in the December issue of Industrial Distribution Magazine. Some manufacturers that I have spoken to over the past year have already had an e-commerce system in place. But as Wells’…

Database Publishing Back and Forth

Trouble Keeping Illustrated Parts Lists Up-to-Date?

I’ve traveled the country talking to several equipment manufacturers. They usually tell me the same thing—managing and updating parts information in Illustrated Parts Lists and Electronic Parts Catalogs is a constant challenge. Manufacturers commonly provide Illustrated Parts Catalogs for end users and service personnel to be able to identify components on large complex equipment. In order…

Infor + Amazon Web Services

Infor CloudSuite

Back in March of this year, our partner Infor, announced their CloudSuite in this press release. They now offer a cloud based solution for the common ERP software among manufactures, like LN and SyteLine. In the press release Infor states, “…a SaaS pricing model will enable Infor CloudSuite to change the way enterprise software is…

Documoto view with assembly and part highlights

Electrifying SolidWorks Composer Content

When I was a SolidWorks Composer Product Manager, I constantly ran into manufacturers that wanted to use the part breakout views produced by Composer to allow their customer to order parts online. Composer would create high quality content and even add hotpoints that would link the parts to BOMs. “But how do we add a…

Digabit, Inc. to Attend Colorado Venture Summit

Denver, sildenafil CO – Alan Sage, buy more about CEO of Digabit, sales Inc., will be attending the 2014 Colorado Venture Summit on June 19 at Coors Field in Denver, Colorado. The Colorado Venture Summit is an invite-only event that unites venture capitalists with the founders and CEOs of Colorado’s venture-backed, information technology companies.

3 Serial Founders Give Their Top Lessons Learned

These three executives, information pills including Digabit’s CEO Alan Sage, visit web have collectively raised over 60M and have existed 6 companies. What’s their secret to success? It’s all in the customer feedback. Alan Sage first founded Configuresoft in 2000, which quickly became a leading provider of server configuration, change and compliance management software and…

Digabit™ Announces Docustudio™ Authoring Suite

Denver, buy information pills CO – Digabit, Inc. the developer of DocumotoTM, announced the release of an updated version of Docustudio, its content authoring suite for illustrated and electronic parts catalogs. Docustudio allows manufacturers to take advantage of Documoto’s relational content database for producing customized part catalogs, thus drastically reducing the time and cost required…

Arctic Cat Delivers Documoto™ to Dealers

Denver, CO – Arctic Cat Inc., based in Thief River Falls, Minnesota, designs, engineers, manufactures and markets snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles as one of the most widely recognized companies in the industry. Arctic Cat products are available through a network of independent dealers located throughout the contiguous United States and Canada, and also distributed internationally.

Digabit™, Inc. Announces Release of Advanced Mobile Application

Denver, CO – Digabit™, Inc., ( today announced the release of Documobile™, the mobile version of Digabit’s flagship product, Documoto™. Documobile is designed to run on tablet-sized mobile devices. Documobile seamlessly integrates with Documoto, giving service technicians, dealers, and distributors access to up-to-the-moment information, anywhere and everywhere that they can take a tablet device.

By 2016, Most New IT Spending Will Be in the Cloud

Application migration will be the biggest part of the effort, and business will continue to be the main driver

According to Gartner, “The use of cloud computing is growing, and by 2016 this growth will increase to become the bulk of new IT spend. … 2016 will be a defining year for cloud as private cloud begins to give way to hybrid cloud, and nearly half of large enterprises will have hybrid cloud deployments by the end of 2017.”

Digabit Inc. Announces Revolutionary Printing Capability

Automated Printing of Electronic Publications Fills OEM Need

Denver, CO – Digabit, Inc., ( today announced an update to its Documoto™ Web Document Library that includes a revolutionary capability for printing parts catalogs for Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

The future belongs to electronic, web-based content. However, printed documents are still needed in many cases, and will be for some time to come.

Digabit, Inc. Appoints New V.P. of Technical Services

Denver, ambulance CO – Digabit™, approved Inc., ( announced today that Steven Blanco has joined the company as the V.P. of Technical Services. Steve brings a depth of experience in several functions including project management, IT, software development, marketing, and consultative sales. This broad background is ideally suited to support the technical sales and delivery…

Transitioning to New Technology

The new generation of information sharing is here. Internet-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is fast replacing CD-driven computer programs, look and SaaS is making its own fast track to Cloud-computing. The benefits of transitioning to new technology include real-time processing of information with no delays, ambulance reaching all users at the same time, unhealthy no matter where…

Digabit Announces Docuview

An Offline Solution for Aftermarket Web Content DENVER, CO – Digabit™, Inc. announced the release of Docuview, the offline extension of Documoto™, which is Digabit’s modern aftermarket web solution for Original Equipment Manufacturers, asset intensive users, and other organizations that want to deliver large numbers of aftermarket technical documents via the web.

Digabit™ releases the next generation of Documoto™

Intuitive visual navigation for all of your technical content, medications in one browser window Digabit, page Inc. has begun shipping the new “Bookshelf” release of its breakthrough web-based technical content management software-as-a-service (SAAS), price Documoto™. Documoto/Bookshelf takes visual navigation for technical documents to a whole new level of intuitiveness and ease of use.

Digabit™ and Infor Partner to Streamline Order Processing

DENVER, Colorado – Digabit, Inc. has joined forces with Infor, one of the world’s largest providers of business software, offering enhanced business processes to their joint customers. Digabit’s Documoto™ Web Application integrates with Infor’s Spear 4i Enterprise Asset Management Solution providing a “shopping cart” capability for ordering parts from within Documoto. The integrated Spear 4i/Digabit™…