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5 Steps For Easy Content Migration

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With Cloud computing continuing to gain popularity for business IT functions, it’s becoming easier than ever to move data from disconnected sources into one central database. Doing so can simplify operations, reduce costs and increase productivity.

But, implementing a new solution is a major investment in both time and resources for a company. And migrating technical documentation and parts information into a new ECM system has a reputation for being a painful and frustrating process.

What if it didn’t have to be like that?

In the latest Digabit webinar, we’ll be exploring the steps you can take to accelerate content migration projects, as well as lessons learned from helping our customers migrate hundreds of thousands of pages of parts information.

Join Digabit for a 60-minute webinar and learn:

  • 5 steps you can take before and during migration to ease the process
  • Why content migration to a SaaS environment can benefit your business
  • Real-life examples of pitfalls to avoid and best practices
  • Live Q&A to get expert advice from Digabit’s Professional Services team

Don’t let concerns about content migration hold you back from increasing profits and optimizing operations!