Creating Digital Parts Catalogs Is Easy With Documoto

Documoto organizes parts information in a relational database to transform your ability to create and maintain parts catalogs, for sale so you can print, generate PDFs, or publish interactive online catalogs.

If you’re a manufacturer, getting parts data into a structured, relational database is an essential step in optimizing aftermarket operations like sales, service and technical support.

Authoring From A Relational Database
Documoto for Authoring

Do you struggle to publish parts catalogs on time? When you do publish catalogs, are they current with the latest engineering changes?

Documoto’s authoring tools are built with a database foundation to manage the thousands of parts found in heavy equipment and machinery. Now it’s easy to build relationships between parts, machines, catalogs and support documents.

Solve The Pain Of Technical Publishing
Documoto electronic parts catalog interface

Documoto turns your existing content into digital data and lets you start building user-friendly, highly interactive catalogs right away.

Documoto offers enormous advantages over desktop publishing:

  • Documoto automates conversion of data and images to XML format, enabling content re-use in multiple catalogs, whether you need digital or print

  • Database foundation allows simultaneous updating of multiple parts books—revise a part number in one location instead of editing documents one by one

  • Save labor wasted on catalog authoring and reformatting—users report a 50-90% time savings over traditional publishing methods

  • Easily build relationships between parts, machines and associated support materials

    Templates speed document creation and enable serial-number specific catalogs

  • Database architecture organizes relationships between parts and machines

Does your old desktop publishing software do all that? If not, let one of our team members show you Documoto’s full publishing capabilities in a quick product demo.

Digital Data Is the Key to Unlocking Aftermarket Efficiency

Whether you plan to integrate with ERP, automate machine maintenance, or simply eliminate data silos, you need a structured data environment like Documoto.

Get all the advantages of digital parts data with Documoto:

  • Share the same parts data with sales, service, and customer support organizations

  • Keep parts information current with new product models and engineering changes

  • Text, part numbers, descriptions and metadata are searchable for rapid parts lookup and product research

  • Give users access to interactive catalogs and support materials in Documoto’s Cloud Library

  • When you’re ready to sell parts online, step up to Documoto Storefront

Documoto Parts Catalogs


Learn how you can pull all of your CAD files, illustrations, and bills of materials (BoMs) that contain parts and product information into one searchable online parts catalog.

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