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Paladin Case Study Infographic Short

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Paladin Breaks Ground in Customer Support

Ordering parts wasn’t easy for Paladin Equipment owners. They would need to look up a part in a hard copy manual, hope that the information wasn’t outdated, then spend time on a call with customer service to complete an order. Now, thanks to Documoto, Paladin Attachments can publish and update parts documents internally, making revisions a breeze. They can also provide support materials online for equipment owners, resulting in time savings for both their customers and their support team.

Excel Case Study Infographic Snapshot

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Excel Mows Down Inaccurate Parts Information

Providing their dealer and distributor network with accurate parts information was a struggle for Excel Industries, who had to rely on an outside vendor to make changes. The process took up to four months, and inaccuracies led to wrong parts orders and unhappy customers. With Documoto, Excel can now update parts data in less than an hour, and they’ve increased brand loyalty by providing dealers with real-time parts information to keep their customers happy.

Atlas Copco Infographic Preview

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Atlas Copco Construction Boosted Aftermarket Revenues

Atlas Copco was looking for a solution that would provide real-time inventory and product documentation to customers around the globe. Now, with a simplified parts lookup and order process, they’ve seen a 64% increase in online sales.

Hiperbaric Infographic Preview

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Hiperbaric Reduces Pressure on After-Sales Support

Hiperbaric knew they needed to optimize their support and service teams to provide the best after-sales service to their growing customer base. With Documoto, the company was able to provide the most current materials and online ordering, resulting in time savings for the help desk and their technicians.

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Viking Uses Documoto for Best-in-Class Support

Viking Range needed a better way to create and update their parts books and equipment manuals and provide the information to a global customer base. Thanks to Documoto, their publishing teams can create and update parts information in a fraction of the time.

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LA Metro Moves Parts as Smoothly as Passengers

LA Metro has the responsibility of transporting millions of people a day around the Los Angeles area, and in order to do that, they need all of their rail cars and buses to be in working condition. Using Documoto, mechanics can now easily look up and order parts, meaning vehicles can be up and running faster.

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Fecon Cuts Down the Competition With Online Sales

Fecon strongly believes in providing quality customer service, and they knew improving the company’s technology would help customers and give them a competitive edge. Now, with Documoto, customers can easily look up the most current parts information and make purchases online, leading to an increase in annual parts revenue and a decrease in call volume.

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