Share Content using our Cloud Library Solution

Share content using our Cloud Library Solution. Documoto’s Cloud Library provides a browser-based interface where users can find and view the OEM technical information they need. This distributed cloud computing technology enables easy information storage and retrieval for everyone in your organization.

Imagine all your support materials stored securely in one central location. Part catalogs, service manuals, repair bulletins, instructional videos, inspection reports, and certifications…there’s no limit to what you can store and share.

Enable Your Aftermarket Sales & Support Team
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At the heart of the online library is a scalable, robust relational database system. This foundation enables searching by keyword or part number, user-defined filters, or visual “drill down” using thumbnail images.

Documoto’s Cloud Library gives aftermarket sales and service teams an easily managed environment to store and share critical content:

  • Control access by user or organization, share only the information you want users to see

  • Display part catalogs, service reference materials and other technical support content

  • Reduce maintenance costs and increase machine uptime, because better parts lookup leads to more accurate orders and speedier repairs

  • Publish and distribute critical updates, engineering change orders and other time-sensitive information immediately to the people who need it

Empower Your Stakeholders


Make information storage and retrieval easier for your team. The Cloud Library enables them to share essential documents with people whose work requires updated information.

Share Updated Documents – Your team can store diverse formats into Documoto’s central repository. This includes files (price lists, certifications, reports, catalogs, manuals, etc.), images (flyers, product photos, documentation images, etc.), and videos (demonstration videos, training videos, repair procedure videos, etc.).
Grant Access to Your Team – Documoto grants you full control over the Cloud Library. You can restrict access to certain users and specify the content that authorized users
can see. This repository is designed to support your digital security measures.

Share with no Friction – The Cloud Library allows browser-based, 24/7 access to authorized users. It has an intuitive visual interface that’s easy to use. Searching is a breeze — the repository has a robust search feature with tags, filters, and metadata.

More Efficient Information


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Your team would no longer be bogged down by cumbersome communication or information retrieval. With Documoto, every file is secure, accessible, and easy-to-share.

Support Business Endeavors. By storing important files, the Cloud Library supports almost all units within an organization. It empowers asset managers, maintenance teams, sales teams, quality control, and more. It can serve as an asset management tool, after-sales support tool, and even a knowledge bank, all rolled into one.

Reduce Extraneous Communication. Cut out the need for a long email exchange requesting specific documents. Grant users access to the repository, so they can retrieve the file they need, whenever they need it.

Easy Implementation. Implementation is quick and painless. Since it’s easy to use, your team can easily integrate it into their work routine. You can start building the knowledge bank, store and organize content, and grant access to users. The benefits will be immediately apparent.

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“It took 3 to 4 days to introduce a new product into the system and days or weeks to update a part or model information. Both of those tasks now take just a few minutes using Documoto.”

George Boltz, Viking Range

Atlas Copco increased their online sales by 64%, and increased their overall parts revenue by 4%.

Van Praag, Atlas Copco

“We can now update parts manuals in minutes with the most current illustrations, parts number, and other information that is crucial for our equipment owners.”

Kevin McCann, Fecon