Add Documoto to Your Composer Workflow


Documoto provides a complementary feature set for users of applications like SOLIDWORKS Composer (formerly 3DVIA Composer) and other technical publishing tools.

For manufacturers that produce electronic parts catalogs, programs like SOLIDWORKS Composer are a great way to convert CAD drawings and product data into technical documentation.

These applications allow authors to edit and manipulate illustrations to create exploded views for parts catalogs. They also have the ability to save and associate product metadata with parts and assemblies, creating a powerful link between engineering output and publishing activities.

How does Digabit’s Documoto extend the functionality of Composer for companies that want to sell parts and other products online?

  • Gives manufacturers the ability to add a shopping cart for online sales
  • Converts BOMs (bills of materials) and exploded drawings into structured data, enabling powerful search, addition of metadata and other benefits of using a relational database
  • Lets publishers relate media items (e.g., videos, repair bulletins, etc.) to parts, assemblies and other media
  • Includes robust access controls to manage content delivery to specific user roles and organizations
  • Flexible publishing outputs and delivery channels, from Web to PDF to offline viewer

If you need an electronic parts catalog that offers all this, check out Documoto in a quick demo from our sales team. Your customers and aftermarket support team will be glad you did.