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Aftermarket Success: Addressing Customer Expectations

LinkedIn Article | Scott Sparks

What’s your competitive advantage? Check out these useful strategies that manufacturers can adopt to build customer loyalty

Win More Sales: 3 Ways to Integrate a Solutions Engineer

LinkedIn Article | Daniel Callif

n software and need help improving your sales? Try adding a Solutions Engineer to the equation. This article uncovers three ways to do just that!

Ground Up: Measuring Customer Success (Part 3 of 3)

LinkedIn Article | Christa Bemis

My goal is to create value. But how can someone accomplish this without having the proper measuring system in place to ensure it’s all working? Read on to learn more!

Leadership: 6 Skills That Are Vital for Leadership

LinkedIn Article | Cuyler Jones

To me, success is about helping others become the best versions of themselves. This article outlines six skill sets that are vital for leaders to achieve this. Read on to find out what they are!

Solution Engineering: 5 Recommendations to Help Your Professional Growth

LinkedIn Article | Daniel Callif

Interested in a Solutions Engineering role? No problem. Here are five practices that I use in my day-to-day routine that you may find helpful. Read on to learn more!

Ground Up: Delivering a Great Customer Experience (Part 2 of 3)

LinkedIn Article | Christa Bemis

Your customers expect a-lot. And they should, they’re spending money. For every unique product use-case, there’s an opportunity to be had. Read on to learn more!

Ground Up: Establishing a Customer-Focused Culture (Part 1 of 3)

LinkedIn Article | Christa Bemis

Customer satisfaction. That’s what motivates me. But how do you encourage others to be driven by it too? Read on to find out!

Quality Assurance: 4 Best Practices for Beginners

LinkedIn Article | Melissa Bruckner

For 15 years, I’ve been ensuring customer satisfaction in software. This article reviews the four best practices that I wish I knew when I first started within the QA field. Read on to learn more!

Adopting Technology for Aftermarket Success – Part 1

LinkedIn Article | Patrick Holleran

When I shop for a part that I need, it’s tough to identify the correct one. This article discusses when and why technology makes sense. Read more!

Change is Inevitable: 3 Core Areas OEMs Should Focus On 

Association of Equipment Manufacturers | Scott Sparks

Adapting to change is necessary. Avoid operational pitfalls with these 3 recommendations.

5 Women Leaders in Colorado Tech 

Built in Colorado | April Bohnert 

See how these 5 women in tech are impacting their industries.

How 7 Colorado tech companies invest in their people

Built in Colorado | April Bohnert 

A business is only as strong as the individuals working behind the scenes.

How 5 Colorado tech teams work together to take on their toughest challenges

Built In Colorado | April Bohnert 

Culture is a driving force in every company – whether intentional or not.

Documoto by Digabit Screenshot

4 Colorado Companies Bringing New School Tech to Old-school Industries

Built in Colorado | April Bohnert 

See how these Colorado companies use modern technology to disrupt – and progress – old industries.


Need OEM Parts? Heck Yeah, Digabit Is From Englewood!

The Denver Post | Tamara Chuang 

Digabit’s software, Documoto, turns paper catlogs into interactive online stores.