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How These Product Managers Keep Teams Aligned On The Product Roadmap

Built-In Colorado | Dan Brooks

Staying loyal to understanding and communicating the business need helps ensure your team can visualize the future state and remain aligned. Click to read more!

How Customer Success Managers Can Exceed Client Expectations

Built-In Colorado | Selene Sanchez

The goal of our customer success team is to build real relationships with clients, ones that aren’t centered around transactions. Click to read more!

Which QA Best Practices Fit Your Team’s Product Needs?

Built-In Colorado | Melissa Bruckner

One of the best practices that we follow is using a manual and automated approach to testing. Read more!

How to Create a Successful User Onboarding Flow

Built-In Colorado | Andi Kirtland

Moving our onboarding process online from onsite, gave our customers the ability to learn at their own pace. Read more!

How to Keep Your Team Engaged Working Remotely

Built-In Colorado | Becky Howard

The most impactful change has been the way we communicate internally to one another. Read more!

Taking Advantage of 2020 Customer Experience Trends

LinkedIn Article | Christa Bemis

For my team and me, a new year represents endless possibilities. Customer experience should be your business strategy for the following decade. Read more!

Ground Up: Measuring Customer Success (Part 3 of 3)

LinkedIn Article | Christa Bemis

This article (part 3 of 3), focuses on how to measure customer success. Click to read more!

Ground Up: Measuring Customer Success (Part 2 of 3)

LinkedIn Article | Christa Bemis

Customers have high expectations. And they should, they’re spending money. This article (part 2 of 3), how to deliver a great customer experience. Read on!

Win More Sales: 3 Ways to Integrate a Solutions Engineer

LinkedIn Article | Daniel Callif

In software and need help improving your sales? Try adding a Solutions Engineer to the equation. This article uncovers three ways to do just that!

Quality Assurance: 4 Best Practices for Beginners

LinkedIn Article | Melissa Bruckner

This article reviews the four best practices that I wish I knew when I first started within the QA field. Read on to learn more!

Ground Up: Establishing a Customer-Focused Culture (Part 1 of 3)

LinkedIn Article | Christa Bemis

Customer satisfaction. That’s what motivates me. But how do you encourage others to be driven by it too? Read on to find out!

Code Review Matters: Best Practices From 5 Engineers

Built-In Colorado | Paul Skokan

In order to operate their software optimally, code reviews are essential to decrease errors that would show up in production. Read more!