Documoto Order Management Overview

Are you ready to turn your digital parts catalogs into a powerful sales and marketing tool?

The Documoto Order Management interface saves users time and money during the parts lookup and ordering process. Our platform is highly customizable for administrators, giving them the ability to format order confirmations and emails, define order status, as well as shipping and payment options.

Some of the highlights for end-users are:

  • Users can view and search previous order history
  • Status notifications let buyers know where their order is in the fulfillment process
  • Duplicate past orders to save time on frequently ordered items

Some of the highlights for administrators are:

  • Flexible administrative tools help tailor the fulfillment process to your desired workflow
  • Edit and manage parts, prices, and order statuses from within Order Management, or integrate with ERP to automate your data exchange
  • Shopping cart information can be transmitted from Documoto to ERP, or vice versa, so all your sales data is synchronized and stored in one location

But there is much, MUCH more! WATCH this video to learn more about the advantages of using Documoto to revolutionize your manufacturing and equipment parts order management.