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Data Sheet: Documoto Cloud Library

Do you create or maintain critical product support information for equipment or machines? Distribute that information online via Documoto’s Cloud Library, a rapidly implemented intra- or extranet solution that stores equipment owner manuals, service manuals, repair procedures, certifications, or any other electronic file related to technical support.

Use Documoto’s visually engaging, browser-based interface to find your machine—and all related technical documents—with ease.

Cloud Library Highlights:

  • Share the same reference and support materials with employees and affiliates everywhere
  • Access technical information online through a browser-based, responsive interface that is readable on any device
  • Store a variety of files and formats to customize your equipment library based on your business needs
  • Minimize phone and email support by providing an easily navigated, engaging user experience
  • Associate files and documents with other files, with machine models, or even with individual units using tags and metadata

Are you seeking a modern platform for distributing electronic content to your most valued users? Try Documoto!

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