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Data Sheet: Automate Online Sales with ERP Integration

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Your company has a lot invested in its enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Put that data to good use by integrating with Documoto Storefront. Enabling data exchange between your ERP and online commerce platform helps customers by providing updated pricing, inventories, and more. And Documoto helps manufacturers by sending shopping cart information back into your ERP or other enterprise system.

Transform outdated ordering processes and improve data visibility for both OEMs and equipment owners. Move to a new level of efficiency and enjoy the benefits of a modern, online sales channel:

  • Export data related to pricing and availability from ERP into Documoto so everyone stays up-to-date
  • Import parts orders and customer information directly into ERP and eliminate manual processing
  • Seamless, proven integration with ERP industry leaders like SAP, Oracle, Infor, and Epicor

If you’d like to modernize your sales process and empower dealers and customers with real-time product information, check out the data sheet and explore the benefits of integrating Documoto with your ERP system.

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