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Take the Data-driven Fast Lane to Published Parts Catalogs

Read the white paper on the benefits of data driven publishing processes

Manufacturers constantly seek improvements to the efficiency of their design, production and distribution processes. Yet many are still using traditional desktop publishing software to create complex technical documentation for sales, marketing, and their after-sales support networks.

Documoto uses the latest and most robust Web-based architecture to supercharge the publication of parts catalogs and other documents. Users will immediately see real benefits that include:

  • Real-time updating and distribution
  • E-commerce enabled capability
  • Documents available online or offline in a variety of formats
  • Proven integration with leading ERP and CAD design software
  • Higher quality information leads to increased parts sales

Does your old desktop publishing software do all that? If not, read the white paper to see if you’re ready for data-driven publishing to revolutionize your business.

You’ll Learn:

  • Why parts catalogs play a crucial role in a successful sales strategy and what you can do to optimize them
  • How to make quick changes to technical documents without impacting the use of your content
  • How to transform static content to dynamic, interactive materials with data-driven publishing
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