Introducing Rocket Beta Admin!

Rocket Admin is the HTML5 replacement for Documoto’s existing Flash-based Admin (Tenant and Organization), Publisher, Reporting, and Exporter modules. With this Rocket Admin beta, you have the opportunity as customers to get your hands on what we’ve built, try it out, and help us make it better!


The beta is open to any and all Documoto Administrators and Publishers using the Rocket library.

Your participation is voluntary, but we would love your feedback!

Please use the Feedback Forum to submit feedback directly to our Product and Engineering team. For more information on how to use the Feedback Forum, please refer to this Knowledge Base article:

Following the initial beta release, the Rocket Admin module will be accessible from the Admin menu in the Documoto Rocket library. Note: Rocket Admin is not available from Documoto Classic.

The initial Rocket Admin beta release will include the following modules: Dashboard (new), Content (includes: Part Manager*, Page Manager*, Media Manager*, Process Content, Media Categories, Part Codes, Default Images), and Library Admin (includes: Tags). However, the September release will be the first in a progression of beta releases, where we will incrementally add features and functionality throughout the remainder of 2020. 
*with the exception of some features and functionality. *With the exception of some features and functionality.

Within Rocket Admin, access to modules is granted via your assigned User Group(s) privileges.

Beta release notes will be available via in-app log on the Admin Dashboard. Release notes will include the release number, release date, feature name, and relevant notes.

Yes – all beta features are fully operational. Any changes or updates made in the Rocket Admin will affect the application. If you do not wish to modify your Production environment, we recommend leveraging a lower-level environment, such as Sandbox or Integration, to try out the Rocket Admin beta features.

The features available through the Rocket Admin beta have gone through our quality assurance processes, so you are getting “Production-grade” features that are fully operational and ready to use.

Yes – the Classic Admin and Publisher modules will remain available in the Production and Integration environments in parallel with Rocket Admin. However, whenever possible we encourage Administrators and Publishers to use Rocket Admin to complete any content management and/or administrative tasks.

Yes – the Classic Admin and Publisher modules can be used in parallel with Rocket Admin. However, any changes or updates made in Rocket Admin will not be reflected in the Classic Admin and Publisher modules in real-time; users must relaunch the Classic Admin or Publisher modules to see changes and/or updates. Conversely, changes or updates made in the Classic Admin and Publisher modules will be reflected in real-time in Rocket Admin.

Please refer to the Beta Resources on the Admin Dashboard and/or the Rocket Beta Admin section of the Knowledge Base. We will also begin updating our Knowledge Base articles and training portal in the near future, after we have had some time to gather feedback and make any necessary changes as a result of that beta feedback.

Any existing UI text that is already translated in the Rocket library will be translated with the beta release. We are also currently working with a translation company to continuously update the net new text in the Rocket Admin modules as features are released. We expect that new translations will be made available in the app within 1-2 months of releasing any new features.

Please reach out to or your assigned Customer Success Manager. However, Rocket Admin should be familiar to trained Administrators and Publishers users and feel like an extension of the Rocket Library.

The beta will conclude once the General Availability release for Rocket Admin has been deployed – which has been scheduled for December 2020.

We are targeting 90-95% parity with the existing Classic Admin and Publisher modules. If any Classic features or functionality will not be supported in Rocket Admin, we will clearly document and communicate what those features are and provide that to customers once that information is available.

The DocuStudio desktop application is not affected by Adobe’s decision to end support for Flash. As such, we have prioritized other features and functionality that must be upgraded to HTML before December 31, 2020. However, the fully integrated, in-browser replacement for DocuStudio will be the first product roadmap item we address in 2021.


If you need additional support, please refer to the Beta Resources on the Rocket Admin Dashboard, as well as the Rocket Beta Admin section of the Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base will also include a list of upcoming improvements and known defects that are actively being worked.

As always, your Customer Success Manager is available to address any additional questions you may have.