Service Level Commitment (Support)

The following service level commitment between DOCUMOTO and COMPANY, outlines the responsibilities of each party, defines working terminology, and specifies the process of support.

Standard support hours are from 08:00 to 17:00 Mountain Time (GMT-7), Monday through Friday except local holidays. During these hours, a DOCUMOTO support agent is available via the designated support phone number. COMPANY may also submit issues at any time via the provided support email address or through the provided customer support portal.

DOCUMOTO Commitments
1. Provide support to designated COMPANY contacts.
2. Provide a staffed Technical Support Center (TSC) as a point of contact for collecting the COMPANY’s issues (defects, questions, and enhancements).
3. Log/document all issues in a database, and assign a unique control number for each issue, known as the Ticket Number.
4. Perform a structured problem determination and escalate any unresolved issues to the appropriate individual(s).
5. Diligently provide support and make every effort to resolve all issues in a timely manner.

COMPANY Commitments
1. Maintain a proper onsite environment for accessing the Web Application and Software including the installation of any third party browser add-ins.
2. Provide adequate training to the end-users of the Web Application and Software.
3. Provide first line support and help desk service to COMPANY’s end users.
4. Utilize a designated contact to notify DOCUMOTO of an issue via the designated support phone number, leaving a message if necessary with the individual’s name, callback number, and issue description, or via the provided support email address or the provided customer support portal. Using other methods such as directly emailing a DOCUMOTO employee does not constitute notification.
5. Reference the assigned Ticket Number in all subsequent communications regarding an issue.

Maintenance and Support Terminology and Commitments

In order to make use of the concepts and terms in this commitment, the following definitions are provided below.


    • A problem or incident being experienced by COMPANY and submitted by COMPANY to DOCUMOTO using an appropriate method.


    • A major grouping of features within the Web Application and Software. Examples: Publishing, Security, Administration, ERP Integration, Shopping Cart, Printing.


    • A distinguishing characteristic or ability of the Web Application and Software, contained within a Module. Examples: Ability to print to a comma separated file, automatic calculation of hot-points during image editing, or editing user group assignments in bulk.

Severity 1 Issue – Critical: System unavailable

    1. • The Web Application and Software is inoperable.


    1. • The highest priority attributed to an issue.


    • No work can be performed or processing capability is severely limited.

Severity 2 Issue – High: Major issue with a Module or severe performance degradation

    1. • Use of the Web Application and Software is substantially limited.


    1. • A Module is inoperable or multiple features are inoperable, and no immediate workaround is apparent.


    • Either processing capability is limited and the problem has significant adverse impact on COMPANY or data is being corrupted and work must be limited to avoid further corruption/loss of data.

Severity 3 Issue – Medium: Feature issue

    1. • Feature inoperable or not working as documented.


    • Program errors impact COMPANY but do not stop COMPANY from material use of the Web Application and Software, or a workaround is available.

Severity 4 Issue – Low: Minor Feature or cosmetic issue

    1. • Issues with Features of a minor or cosmetic nature.


    • COMPANY has questions concerning day-to-day operation of the Web Application and Software, cosmetic problems with the user interface, or errors in documentation.

Service Level Commitments (Production Environment Only)

*Development of a resolution or workaround is performed at DOCUMOTO’S discretion.

NOTE: All times are calculated starting when COMPANY files issue with DOCUMOTO using one of the approved methods.

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Published May 22, 2018