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Why You Can’t Sell Spare Parts on Amazon

Eric Neyer August 2, 2017 Tags: , , , , , , ,
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A Big New Player in the Online B2B Marketplace

Amazon’s B2B marketplace, Amazon Business, has received a lot of media attention lately. Sales are booming on the platform, and why not? Flexible account and payment options, fast shipping, price comparisons, what’s not to like?

But there’s one big market that neither Amazon nor Amazon Business has cracked.

While B2B and B2C customers alike have come to expect Amazon-like experiences when buying online, the truth is…Amazon isn’t designed to sell parts for highly complex machines and equipment.

Large original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), who make things from heavy construction equipment to assembly line machinery, can’t effectively sell spare parts for their machines on Amazon.

exploded view rotary vane pump

Need new rotary vanes for your pump? Good luck finding them on Amazon!

If you make equipment with lots of moving parts, you need a system that is built to manage all those parts, while also understanding that machines are a collection of a related set of parts and assemblies.

Have you ever seen an exploded assembly illustration with a parts list on Amazon? You haven’t, and there’s a reason for that. Amazon’s eCommerce interface is designed to display single products, and it serves that purpose extremely well.

Of course, Amazon’s commerce platform is backed by a powerful database, but the database architecture is not organized to recognize hierarchies of parts, sub-assemblies, assemblies, and machines.

The purpose of an illustrated parts catalog is to make finding parts fast and accurate, but Amazon’s parts lookup is extremely limited: you can conduct a keyword search by part number or name. If you have experience in the OEM aftermarket arena, you know how reliable a 5-year-old part number is, which is not at all.

Service workers, dealers and equipment owners often need a clear visual reference in order to identify a manufacturer’s part number or description. That’s why parts books printed on paper are still seen as valuable tools, even in this digital age.

What is the best current solution for modern OEM part sales?

A number of commercially available applications focus on managing complex parts data and producing digital catalogs. Some of these, however, are only useful for parts lookup and have no commerce capabilities.

Digabit’s Documoto is one system that combines a powerful database to manage part information, a responsive interface that makes finding the right part simple for any user, and the ability for customers to buy parts directly from the digital catalog.

Documoto is also designed to support data exchanges with other applications, like enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. This is the key to building efficient processes in a digitally focused organization. Data and information must be able to flow between applications and business units with a minimum of data duplication and human intervention.

Documoto’s cloud technology and database architecture may appear straightforward, but they are truly leading edge for manufacturers who want to manage and sell thousands of parts online. If you’d like to explore the potential of growing revenue through online sales, while optimizing order processing and fulfillment, you should check out Documoto.

Documoto Update Gives Manufacturers Insight Into eCommerce Orders

Digabit Inc December 7, 2015 Tags: , , , ,
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The Documoto platform has proven its ability to save users time and money during the parts lookup and ordering process. Now it’s even more powerful, with the addition of new features that help Digabit clients provide better customer service and increase aftermarket sales. Documoto’s latest update expands its user-friendly functionality with improved eCommerce order management.

The new Order Management interface is highly customizable for administrators, giving them the ability to format order confirmations and emails, as well as define order status, shipping and payment options.

New HTML5 interface for manufacturing eCommerce software Documoto

Order Management Highlights for End Users:

• Users can view and search previous order history
Status notifications let buyers know where their order is in the fulfillment process
Duplicate past orders to save time on frequently ordered items

Highlights for Administrators:

Flexible administrative tools help tailor the fulfillment process to your desired workflow
• Edit and manage parts, prices and order statuses from within Order Management, or integrate with ERP to automate data exchange and enable real-time updates
• Shopping cart information can be transmitted from Documoto to ERP, or vice versa, so sales data is synchronized and stored in one location

The Order Management module’s new HTML5 interface is extremely easy to navigate for dealers and other users, so transitioning to a new sales process should be almost seamless! If you’d like an overview of the new features, check out this webinar preview presented by Digabit’s Product Manager, Eric Lanier. Click this link for the full text of Documoto 2015.4 release notes.

For more information about Order Management or to set up a demo, contact Digabit sales.

[Webinar] 10 Ways to Modernize Your Parts Catalogs

Digabit Inc October 21, 2015 Tags: ,
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Move your after-sale parts catalogs into the modern era with this collection of tips and tactics from Digabit Director of Technical Solutions, Kevin Mackay and Customer Success Manager, Rich Ackerman.

While many companies have already transitioned from paper documents to some type of electronic delivery for their parts catalogs, many still use outmoded processes to produce that content. And many online document formats are still relatively static and difficult to update.

Find out the latest best practices for manufacturers to streamline publishing, provide better information to customers, resellers and service personnel, and ultimately sell more parts when you incorporate the methods discussed in this free webinar.

Learn how to:

  • Re-use existing content to create parts catalogs
  • Slash time and labor costs from the publishing process
  • Deliver value to dealers by providing accurate data
  • Boost sales with truly interactive parts books

Duration: 30 minutes
Presenter: Kevin Mackay, Director of Technical Solutions, Digabit, Inc.
Presenter: Rich Ackerman, Customer Success Manager, Digabit, Inc.
Date: Tuesday, December 8, 2015
Time: 12:00pm MDT (2:00pm EDT)

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