Transit and Asset Management Solutions

We help fleet owners and transit authorities with their capital assets so they remain in good operating condition. As a fleet owner or transit authority professional, we understand that you face many complex challenges.

Challenges like:

  • Repair and maintenance resources

  • Time spent evaluating the total cost of ownership

  • Supporting a number of different OEMs

The good news is that Documoto can help solve these challenges by placing comprehensive technical support content, including electronic parts books, on the web. Mechanics and other service personnel can view illustrated parts and assemblies, instructional videos, bulletins, or other technical support materials in one convenient portal. From power plants to locomotives to excavators, Documoto allows users to graphically navigate a complex machine from the entire assembly down to a single bolt in seconds.

If you use a transit asset management system, you can take your MRO operations to the next level by integrating the two systems together.

We Can Help Your Employees

  • Gain real-time inventory levels and locations

  • Identify which parts are stocked and which parts need to be ordered

  • Place picklists back into the asset management system so parts can be shared

Empower Employees with Transit Fleet Management

Documoto’s transit fleet management software makes it easier for employees to follow transit schedules
and keep your fleet operating smoothly.

Accurate Orders

Accessible, updated documentation reduces the risk of costly errors. Your employees know exactly what to order when an equipment part malfunctions.

Repair Methods

Your mechanics can access videos or documents in the fleet asset management software that explain repair protocol.

Training Videos

The team can easily get new members up to speed by consulting training videos for different job positions.

Simplified Documentation

Whenever an inquiry or setback comes up, your team can easily refer to the train asset management software diffuse the situation.

Streamline Regulatory Compliance With Documoto
Documoto Helps Transit Agencies Meet MAP-21 & State of Good Repair Requirements
Transit and Asset Management

State and regional transit authorities who receive federal funding are required to complete a Transit Asset Management (TAM) plan.

Transit Asset Management (TAM) describes:

  • How public transit systems will ensure that assets and infrastructure are maintained in a State of Good Repair

  • How the agencies will maintain or improve reliability, safety, and passenger comfort

The Documoto team has the experience and technology solutions to help.

Our customers include buses, rail cars, and asset-intensive manufacturers. Additionally, a number of major transit authorities alongside our Professional Services staff, have successfully integrated Documoto with EAM and ERP systems like Trapeze and Infor.

Save Time & Money

Get Access to Current & Accurate Technical Data To Save Time & Money

Identify The Parts You Need Easily

Mechanics who rely on accurate documentation to lookup parts use Documoto to identify and request the right part the first time.

Traditionally, staff would page through an obsolete, dog-eared manual or tediously browse a PDF with weak search and navigation capabilities.

With Documoto, your staff can quickly lookup:

  • Procedural documentation

  • Training videos

  • Updates

  • Safety alerts related to documents, product models, or individual assets

Reducing their time identifying parts orders and repairs.  Essentially, this translates into thousands of dollars in annual cost savings.

Your workforce will be much more efficient and gain customer loyalty by improving inventory, procurement, and work schedule effectiveness.

LA Metro Moves Parts as Smoothly as Passengers

LA Metro has the responsibility of transporting millions of people a day around the Los Angeles area, and in order to do that, they need all of their rail cars and buses to be in working condition. Using Documoto, mechanics receive parts and complete work orders more quickly, meaning reduced downtime for fleet vehicles.

See for Yourself
Transit and Asset Management

We are a U.S. based technology company, which means our team sits stateside. Making it easy to keep our goals aligned with our local fleet owners and transit authority professionals.

Learn how you can share procedural documentation, gain real-time inventory levels and locations, as well as identify which parts are stocked and which parts need to be ordered, simply!

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