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The Impact of Data Integration on Service Lifecycle Management

Large manufacturing companies, and industries that rely on heavy equipment assets, understand that managing service lifecycles is just as important to long-term success as managing their products. And any modern service management system should be able to incorporate data from legacy software and enterprise systems.

Documoto is the web-based tool that lets you build service management into your technical support, so parts, service information, and equipment manuals can be imported directly from engineering and ERP systems. Increase the rate of “first-time-fix,” extend the life of fixed assets with proper service intervals, and improve customer satisfaction and service profitability.

Is your organization ready to take the next strategic step toward the future of service lifecycle management with Documoto? Read the white paper to find out more.

You’ll Learn:

  • What PLM and SLM are and why they’re important

  • How ERP integration can help avoid erroneous parts orders and fragmented service efforts

  • How to improve aftermarket parts sales success by taking a “client needs” based approach